Maddison’s “Maddie” favourite flower was the sunflower… the website honours her memory through helping other children.  

We would love to see tags of people wearing, and being creative with them #Maddiessunflowers

Support Today

Wearing these brooches is helping us remember Maddie.

We would love to see tags of people wearing, and being creative with them #Maddiessunflowers

Maddison’s Sunflowers is a Charity, all proceeds go to Child Cancer Foundation.

Remembering Maddie

Maddison was officially diagnosed on 21st February 2021 with stage 4 neuroblastoma. 

Five weeks of getting run around from locum doctors, after hour visits, hospital visits saying she’s fine it’s normal she’s low in iron, Maddie was firstly diagnosed with celiac disease. Another week went on in so much pain we knew there was more to this. We fought and fought, and on the sixth week, February 21st 2021, after a doctor had wanted more tests and scans done, she was then officially diagnosed with the “C” word. The cancer word no parent ever wants to hear, let along their child going through hideous amounts of treatment.

Maddie’s treatment was going to be 14 months long, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, in between cycle 5 & 6 having a huge surgery to remove the mass and cancerous tissue, followed by another two rounds of hyper-chemotherapy with two stem cell transplants, radiation then going into maintenance. That’s a lot to go through, specially at just 4 years going onto 5 years old.

Maddie never complained and got along with it, everyone was her friend, such a huge personality with the most loving caring sole. She sadly passed away 22nd October 2021 from having delayed side effects from chemotherapy.

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